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Top Homeopathic Remedies for your home

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Top remedies to keep in your medicine cabinet and introduction to the uses.

Homeopathy is a system of natural healing developed over 200 years ago in Germany. In the United States it is common to find over the counter homeopathic products for minor ailment or for a person to seek the guidance of a professional homeopath for more long term or complex concerns.

The beauty of homeopathy is that homeopathic remedies are readily available and easy to learn. Remedies can be kept on hand to address minor and temporary ailments. Many companies sell home kits and single remedies, and many grocery stores and pharmacies sell combination products.

Here is a compiled list of some top homeopathic remedies to keep in your home. Information on these remedies is published in books called “Materia Medica” and found through sources including: reputable websites including the National Center for Homeopathy (, ABC Homeopathy ( or Hpathy; (; book retailers such as Amazon, Whole Health or Barnes and Noble; and you can even buy some “Apps” through Google Play or iTunes.

Aconite-Anxiety and Shock Aconite is indicated in anxiety, nervousness or shock. It also is useful in illnesses that come on as a result of these situations. Use it in a sudden fright from a car accident or storm; for public speaking, or after exposure to strong north winds. Useful for anxiety and panic attacks.

Allium Cepa-Allergies & Colds This remedy, made from the infamous red onion, is for temporary relief of watery congestion that is excoriating to the nasal passage causing sneezing and a raw feeling in the throat.

Apis-Bug bites, stings, burns, Apis is a homeopathic remedy made from the honey bee so it can be applied to symptoms with similar stinging pain, swelling and redness such as you might see in bug bites, sore throats, eye discomfort or burns.

Arnica-First aid for injury & bruising Arnica in the herbal form is contained in my sports gels and ointments. Arnica can also be utilized in the homeopathic form. Arnica is a first response remedy for any injury. Keep this remedy on hand for bumps and bruises, head injuries, overexertion of muscles from exercise or exertion.

Belladonna-Fevers, sunburn and headaches Belladonna is a favoured remedy in ailments that involve redness, burning and throbbing such as might be present during headaches, sunburn, fever or earaches. It is a common remedy for fever, cough and eye irritation.

Ledum-Bug bites or puncture wounds Ledum is specific to wound that involve a puncture of any size whether from an insect bite to a nail. Ledum is most useful when the affected area is swollen or purple in color.

Chamomilla-Teething or other painful conditions The homeopathic version of this common herb is a must-have in any household with children. Chamomilla helps calm the system’s response to discomfort that comes from teething, fevers, upset stomach or earaches. Chamomilla is indicated when discomfort causes irritability, crying and sleeplessness.

Gelsemium-Illness recovery, nervousness, fatigue This remedy made from the yellow jasmine flower is well known for aiding the body in conditions that cause anxiety, anticipation and exhaustion; such as may come on from anticipating an event like the first day of school or a performance, or to hasten recovering from an illness that has zapped your energy. Gelsemium is indicated if the symptoms include heaviness of the eyelids, limbs or head, exhaustion, nervousness or fright.

Nux Vomica-Overindulgence, stomach upset Long considered the best “hangover remedy”, Nux Vomica is useful to help straighten out the system after overindulgence of any kind (food, drink, work, fun, excitement, lack of sleep, etc) Symptoms that present include headaches, digestive upset and irritability.

Hepar Sulph-Throat, respiratory While it is sometimes called “The Homeopathic Antibiotic”, it is NOT an antibiotic, but is useful for conditions that present with infectious symptoms of yellow pus or suppuration. Can be useful in sore throats, earaches and respiratory infections where the pain is intolerable and the person is extremely chilly.

Pulsatilla-Creamy colds This homeopathic remedy from the wind flower is indicated in fluent congestion that is watery, yellow or green. Especially if the congestion leads to complaints of the chest, eye or ear. Pulsatilla is a commonly indicated remedy for whiney and weepy children who also have eye redness and irritation, earaches or congestion.

Rhus Tox-Skin eruptions, arthritic pains or strains When your camper stumbles upon a plant causing redness and vesicles that erupt and itch, this remedy made from the poison ivy plant is one to consider. Is also useful in stiffness and achiness in the limbs on first movement.

Phosphorus-Coughs, digestive upset Phosphorus is a wonderful remedy to support the respiratory and digestive systems of the body when they are out of balance. Phosphorus is well indicated in a cough that is dry and hacking and accompanied by thirst. It is also indicated in vomiting and diarrhea that is profuse or is when liquids that are drank become warm in the stomach.

Calendula-Skin healing Calendula is a wonderful healing agent in both the herbal and homeopathic form. It can be purchased as homeopathic remedy pellets or in the form of ointment or gel. Use calendula to soothe irritated, dry, chapped or skin injured through a cut, scrape or exposure to the sun.

Remedies are readily available on-line through Boiron, Hylands and Washington Pharmacy.

If you are local to Northeast Wisconsin, you can find them at The Free Market, Appleton Nutrition and the Vitamin Shop.

Homeopathy and homeopathic remedies are not a substitution for medical attention or advice. But in minor situations homeopathy can be used to aid the body in its own healing response. By collecting and learning just a few remedies can go a long way towards a goal of natural health and healing!

Rebecca Beringer, CCH is a certified classical homeopath and has been in practice since 2010. She has served hundreds of men, women and children of all ages in her practice which serves clients all over northeast Wisconsin and the broader U.S. She is a graduate of the highly respected Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Contact her today for a free 15-minute consultation to see if homeopathy is right for you! She can be reached at or 920-740-5048. For more info, visit or Facebook: Healing Way Homeopathy.

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