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Pace Yourself

We laughed the first time we saw this sign on our recent 5-waterfall hike at the Black River Harbor State Forest. We didn't laugh the subsequent times we saw it.

While this hike only covered a handful of miles our thighs and calves were buurrrning! This sign become the summary for this camping trip to Ottawa National Forest & the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness Area in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We do a lot of hiking but somehow this trip seemed to have the most steps and climbing straight up or down as we have ever encountered! I truly did have to pace myself! As we drove home Sunday I reminisced that this wasn't only a summary for our trip, but was also a metaphor for summer in general.

See I started writing this newsletter around the Summer Solstice on "Summer Abundance". I had shared a reflection with my students at PHI (Prometheus Homeopathic Institute, see below) on finding balance in this season, and then due to my own abundance I never got it out!

Summer for me is when I fill my cup for the upcoming dark and cold season. I love camping and being in the middle f the woods or on a remote beach. My drive to be on, in or near water (any form of it!) can be very strong and sends me seeking it every chance I get.

With all of this I have to pace myself to avoid overexertion. As a business owner I have to work really hard on one end in order to have time off on the other end. While I am grateful for the abundance of my practice, I can easily just keep working, week after week, including the weekends.

I realized on this trip that I literally have to leave cell and internet service in order to be truly "off work". It is far too easy with WiFi and cell coverage to check an email quickly, respond to a text or look at a voicemail that has come in. I actually didn't mean to be "off grid" during this particular camping trip, but I ended up so far out of service range that I couldn't even go back and add an out of office response! Yet when I go off grid for a few days and plug into fresh air, crisp water, wind in the pines and a good hard sleep on the ground my head feels clearer and my nervous system recharged. Re-grounded in my purpose of serving in my healing arts practice.

I wonder:

Where does your summer abundance pull you off balance?

How do you recharge?

I would love to hear about it at your next visit or drop me a message!

In Healing Service To You,


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