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Do The Thing

Ten years ago today...I graduated from homeopathy school from the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy!

I have been reflecting on this quite a bit today and wanted to share a few aspects of it with you.

I had never seen a homeopath!

I had used a bit of homeopathy but knew next to nothing about it, really. I just knew I wanted to practice natural medicine and I had a thirst to learn. I didn't prepare, try to become an expert first or buy up every homeopathy book. I literally just applied, and interviewed, and accepted the position to attend, and did it.

I don't know how we did it

I had two young kids at home and my husband was in his first few years in his career as an English teacher. We didn't exactly have the money for it and there was no on-line option (remember kids when there was no Zoom and we had to walk up hill both directions in the snow?) So I drove to school in Minneapolis every month: 5 hours away for 4 days for 4 years.

I believed I could do it

I never really questioned my pull to this. I had the calling and I just answered. I always trusted it would work out. Homeopathy was incredibly hard and I can't say I could ever see many months on the path ahead of me but I just kept going. I started practicing slow, had another baby, taught some super fun at home workshops, and just built my practice. Ten years later, I have a thriving full-time homeopathic practice.

I am so grateful

Among these many accomplishments, what I am honestly the most proud of is the work WE do together in partnership. Without you, there would be no homeopathic magic, no amazing recoveries, discoveries and healing. Having your trust to hear your story through laughter and tears has been one of the greatest gifts of my life and I am so grateful that you show up every month (or when you do =) ready to explore what the next layer of your healing looks like.

I am 100% committed

I am ready for the next ten years. I am dedicated to showing up for your every session. To listening to you in the deepest way possible and seeing you with nothing short of true compassion; and then I commit to finding the best remedy for you and letting that energy elicit the next level of your unfolding.

And if you are wondering what's next for you, I urge you to listen to that still, small voice within you may be the magic of your next ten years.

Thank you.

Love, Rebecca

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