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Homeopathic Services

Free Exploratory Conversation

I just want to learn more

Are you interested but aren't sure where to start? Do you want to know more?

Would it help to tell me your situation?

I'd love to chat! Set up a Free 15-Minute conversation.

Acute Consultations

I want to use homeopathy for colds, fever, etc

Homeopathic remedies can be utilized to help you recover from short-term ailments. An “acute” is a short consultation to gather information so I can select the best Homeopathic remedy needed to help you recover from this temporary illness or injury.

Examples of acute consultations, include colds, fever, flu, viruses, headaches, seasonal allergy attacks, minor first aid and injury, digestive attacks, teething and childhood illnesses.


To receive acute care, please click on the link below and schedule a phone call. I will then email you a form to initiate care.

(A seperate appt time and acute form are needed for each person you are requesting care for)

Please submit a separate questionnaire for each person you are requesting care for. Once your form is submitted, I will contact you with instructions. If I need more information we will use the scheduled time for me to call and gather additional information.

Constitutional Homeopathy

I want to restore my wellness & vitality

Constitutional consultations are used to begin the homeopathic process to address long-term or chronic issues. They are also used to strengthen one's resistance, build health and vitality, lessen susceptibility and build mental and emotional resilience.


The constitutional process begins with an initial consultation that is approximately two hours in length. This can be done in the office or via phone, Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

The consultation covers all the areas of concern, a thorough health history, and information on you as a person: your characteristics and mannerisms, how you eat, sleep, respond to stress, etc. The goal is to choose one homeopathic remedy that fits the whole picture in order to restore your health and vitality.


Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up consultations happen approximately 4-8 weeks from when the remedy is given and are one hour in length. At the follow-up appointment, I assess what the individual’s response was to the remedy. The remedy is given again or changed when necessary.

Workshops & Classes

I want to DIY!

Join us for monthly gathering of the Homeopathy Learning Group every 2nd Thursday 

These gatherings cover a wide range of topics so you can get comfortable using homeopathic remedies on your own for minor first aid and illness. Homeopathic remedies are readily available via internet and community shops and are easy to learn and apply in situations.

Follow current topics on the Healing Way Homeopathy Facebook page or join the Homeopathy Learning Group Facebook group. You can also register for a class using the link below.

Customized Plans

I have a specific need

Contact me for your customized plan for travel, surgery, childbirth, etc

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