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Homeopathy for kids

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Homeopathic remedies are safe for all ages of children. From infant to young adulthood, homeopathy works to strengthen and heal.

“My favorite aspect of homeopathy is the natural healing from the inside out. Instead of just hiding the symptoms, homeopathy looks at the root of the issue. With my daughter I have used it for acute teething and colds, and also to address long-term healing. In both cases it has helped her handle the healing process. My favorite aspect is knowing her system is getting stronger instead of having to worry about the chemicals in over-the-counter drugs.” —Mandy, mother of two girls, 8 and 9

There is perhaps no better application of homeopathy than in helping raise healthy, robust children. From infancy through young adulthood, homeopathy can be applied to help ease suffering and make the transitions of development smoother. Homeopathy is safe, gentle and effective and takes into account the individual experience of each child, applying a unique remedy to each. Homeopathy works on a deep level and can help restore balance in a gentle way.

Homeopathy is useful for children for the following reasons:

Homeopathy is safe and effective. Homeopathy is safe with no harmful side effects. Homeopathic remedies are made from substances found in nature, commonly plants and minerals. They go through a sophisticated process of dilution and succession (vigorous shaking), which allows the memory of the substance to be imprinted in the solution that is then coated on lactose pellets to be taken orally. Homeopathic remedies are readily available and easy to learn how to apply for minor first aid and health concerns. When used as directed by the manufacturer or under the care and supervision of a professional homeopath, homeopathic remedies are extremely gentle, safe and effective. They are safe for infants, babies, children and pregnant women to take.

Builds strength and resistance. Homeopathy works to stimulate the vital healing energy of each person, restoring the balance within the system to create optimal health and vitality. Our bodies have an innate healing intelligence. Over-the-counter and prescription medications often work by suppressing this mechanism. Over time, the healing response system of the body gets worn down from the suppressing action and it becomes less effective. In contrast homeopathy works with that natural force rather than against it. Through the application of homeopathy a suppressed healing response can rebuild, bringing increased strength and resistance to weather life’s storms.

Takes the individual experience and symptoms into account. Homeopathic remedies are selected and applied to match the symptoms of each child individually. It is so effective in the care of children because most children throw off strong vital responses. It is easy to detect their fever, their discomfort, changes in their behavior or eating and sleeping patterns, etc. All of this information becomes clues as to what remedy can be applied to assist their body’s innate healing response.

Involves children in the process of his/her own health and healing. Children love homeopathy. I have never met a child who refused to take a homeopathic remedy! Frequently children will even ask for remedies because they recognize and know that they make them feel better. When a caregiver or parent is applying homeopathy they have to closely observe the child and ask the child to answer questions. In this way children are involved in their healing and begin to know how their own body feels and responds to changes.

“My husband, sons and I have all been able to eliminate our use of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Homeopathy has become our primary tool for my family’s wellness.” —Sandy, mom of two boys, 13 and 15

From acute conditions such as fevers, stomach aches, bumps and bruises, coughs, colds and allergies to more chronic concerns like eczema, allergies, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety or autism — whatever the concern there is a homeopathic remedy to help assist the body in returning to a normal state of health and vitality. Use homeopathy to raise healthy and robust children!

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical attention. Always contact your primary care provider for medical needs and consider contacting a professional homeopath for guidance to your questions.

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