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Commit to your journey

The new year has us reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future year. We proclaim goals, resolutions and changes for the better. This is  multiplied by the fact it is a new decade! I am thrilled and honored that this year marks ten years in practice! I have plans and ideas for celebrating throughout the year. The first step in that celebration is renewing my commitment to my practice and to your healing. Cheers to the next ten years!

I am often asked by newer clients "how long will I have to do this for". I am always caught off guard with how to answer this question and probably look a little confused as I say something like "everyone is a little different". This is because, truthfully, I wonder to myself: "Why would you ever STOP doing homeopathy?" 

A homeopathic remedy is a beautiful substance. It has the power to elicit a healing response from our vital force to recalibrate, rebalance, renew and restore. I don't know about you, but I need those four things in my life on an on-going basis, often daily! So, for me, homeopathy is a commitment to my on-going healing and health.

The reason I named my practice Healing WAY is because healing is not a destination we arrive to but a journey we embark upon. Like any journey it can have detours, pit stops, bumps on the road and scenic stops. 

My role is to be a partner with you on that healing journey. In this spirit, I invite you to ponder:

In what way do you need to





Bring in your ideas to your next follow-up, so we can discuss them, and I can highlight for you how homeopathy can help you along the way. In many ways homeopathy holds the promise of doing this more than any other commitment or resolution you make this year. 

Happy New Year!

In commitment to you,


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